Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Linky!

Today I'm linking up with Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord!

We've done a lot of eating this past week. Since it's summer, I have the energy and time to try out all the recipes I've pinned over the last 8 months! 
This week we made candy sushi and hotdog corn muffins. One was a success and the other, while delicious, was um, interesting... You decide which is which! 

More food... One of my favorite summer fruits is fresh cherries. YUM.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! We kept it pretty low-key this year, since we had gotten together with friends the night before. We did go see the fireworks with friends, though. Fireworks make me feel like a kid again. I just LOVE them! I used to live in a big city, and those fireworks were magical. But now I live on the coast, and watching the fireworks explode while sitting on the beach takes that magic to a whole 'notha level... 

Last bit of awesomeness this week came when my sister visited. Lots of beach time. LOVE IT! My oldest is such a goof... That face is on purpose!

Holla home-skillets! Hope your week was fabulously random!


  1. What fun food! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love fireworks too! Those hot dog corn muffins sure are interesting!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. Ha! Interesting is a good word for those!

    Teach On.