Sunday, June 28, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: WEEK TWO

Here are some things I love:
- Teaching
- Week Two's Challenge: Dare to Dream!

Before my Dad passed away last August, he told me, "Katie, God will continue to give you good ideas. So share them". I love that TPT has given me a platform to share the things I make for & and use in my classroom, and I'm constantly encouraged and inspired by the amazing teachers on TPT. TPT is a huge blessing.

God has blessed my TPT store. I've needed a new car for a while. I knew it wouldn't be possible unless I had some extra income. My TPT was doing well, but it needed to do better in order for me to afford a monthly payment. I put it in God's hands and BOOM, my TPT has hit, or exceeded, the number I asked God for. I've learned (and experienced) DON'T PUT A LIMIT ON GOD. He wants to bless you and take you to places you can't even dream of. THANK YOU GOD FOR MY BLESSINGS! And to quote my Dad again, "The Lord keeps blessing me and I say, 'Thank you and send me more', AND HE DOES!" True words, daddy. Miss you every day!

I am SO thankful I was able to purchase my DREAM CAR - a new to me (used) GMC Yukon - thanks to my monthly TPT income. Y'all, I love my Yukon so much. So, so, so much. I talk to her. She has a name. No trash is allowed in her. I constantly wash the exterior. IT HAS RIMS. I love herrrrrrrr!!! BUT.... I need to pay her off ASAP. I have a 15 year old son who is going to drive. SOON. We have the car part taken care of thanks to his dad BUT what I didn't account for is INSURANCE. YIKES! I'd love to get my car payment over with so I can focus on his insurance!! EEK!

I looooooove to vacation. I mean, who doesn't?? I would love to be able to plan and pay for a big vacation each summer for my family without cringing because we're taking out of savings. That would be such a blessing and SO MUCH FUN! 

What's are your dreams?? The sky is the limit!! 

Be sure to link up and share your dream! Just visit these fabulous Blogger Babe's blogs! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: WEEK ONE

If you haven't heard of the TPT Seller Challenge, it's possible you've been living under a rock... Kidding, but for real---  It's all over social media and it is ROCKING!

If you want to get involved, check out these amazing teacher's blogs for the details:
Peppy Zesty Teacherista 
Teach Create Motivate 
Sparkling in Second 
Third in Hollywood 

So the first week of the TPT Seller Challenge is to find some TPT products that need a facelift and make them over! This is TOTALLY something that has been on my to do list (for weeks... months... years?) but whoever can find the time to do it? This challenge has completely motivated me and I'm feeling SO proud of the products I've made over!

First, I made over my Welcome to Third Grade and Welcome to Fourth Grade packs. These are my best sellers. I loved them... but now I'm straight up head over heals for them!

The Third Grade version looks the same, except it says "Welcome to Third Grade"... duh... ;) 
I added new pages, and gave every page a face lift. THEY. ARE. SO. CUTE. NOW. 
I also included color and black and white versions. It's a big ol' awesome download! Check them out here:

Making over those packs were a lot of work.. And I was kinda thinking it would be the only product I remade because I signed up for................ summer school. YUCK. It drains me.... But I live on the coast in Texas and it's hurricane season. We had a little tropical storm named "Bill" come visit us (he turned out to be totally lame) but everyone got scared and school was cancelled for today. So, I made over another product! I COMPLETELY REDID THIS PRODUCT. I was selling if for $1 because it was pretty lame. Now I've increased the price because it is FABULOUS!! Lots of added content, two options to play, and very helpful posters. 

Want to check it out?? 
Here's the link: Area & Perimeter Practice 

I'm so jazzed there may be more to come.... We shall see!! 

Anyone else participating in the Challenge? Leave me the link to your updated product and I'll follow your TPT store! I'd love for you to do the same! My store name is Katie Texas

Monday, June 1, 2015


I've been seeing some fabulousness happening to TPT storefronts and FINALLY sat down to figure out how to do it myself.

And that cute little pic is a link to all of my math glyphs! 

Want to do know how to do it? IT'S SO EASY! Let's do this! 

You will need this code

I suggest copying it and pasting it a word document or something because you will need to edit it a bit before it's ready to be inserted in your profile.

You need to make a cute little pic. Mine was 2.35H x 4.8W (I truly don't know how much bigger you can make this. I kind of lucked out that my image fit the first time! It might take a bit of playing around if your image doesn't fit). If you find the exact dimensions, let me know and I'll give you credit! 

Upload your image to a hosting sight (I use photobucket) and click on and copy the DIRECT LINK. That will be what you use for "Picture Link" in the code above, BUT you'll need to shorten the link first. That takes me to step "THIRD" ;) 

Part 1) Shorten your picture link with Bitly or (When you insert the final code into your profile, it will have to be 120 characters or less. So this is important). Once you've shortened it, enter in the code below where the text is RED (delete the words that are there)

OPTIONAL Part 2) If you want your picture to link to a certain product or custom category (and why wouldn't you??), you'll want to copy and shorten that link, too. Then enter it into the code below where the text is RED (again, delete the words that are there)

Go to your dashboard.
You'll want to go to My TPT > My Account > Store Profile > Edit >
and then copy & paste the code in the "Personal Quote" area. Here are a few pics incase you're a visual learner :)


I hope this is super helpful! xoxo