Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall, Pumpkin Math, Student Rewards and FREEEEEEEBIES!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Nothing says Fall more than pumpkins, and one of my friends at work was telling me how she roasts pumpkin seeds for her class every year. I LOVED the idea and decided I would do that for my class this year... AFTER we did lots'a learning with pumpkins! That birthed my Pumpkin Math Activity Book. Students will measure their pumpkin's weight, find their pumpkin's height, circumference and radius, see how far their pumkin can roll then measure the distance, and test for buoyancy! THEN we will harvest the seeds! WOOHOO! Want a copy? Go get it HERE in my TPT store!

In other news, I was home sick this week (boo), and since I cannot sit in bed for more than a day, I created student reward cards using QR codes. In my class, students earn Bingo Dots for good behavior (they keep a little paper on their desk that I stamp). They can get Bingo Dots for sitting quietly, turning in their homework, getting paper signed, helping friends, helping me, etc. THEY. LOVE. BINGO. DOTS. The more Bingo Dots they earn, the better the prizes they can get. One of the prizes is a Lottery Ticket - some of you may have seen them on Pinterest, you print out a reward, cover it with tape, then paint over it with a mixture of silver craft paint and dish soap. Kids serioussssssssssly go crazy for them, HOWEVER, I was sick of painting the dang things! So since my class has a huge love for QR codes, I thought I'd go that route. Just print and scan. Easy as pie! Want a copy? Get it HERE in my TPT store!

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