Monday, October 17, 2016

Oriental Trading Teacher Wishlist

Hey friends!
Let's not mention how long it's been since I've posted....
Let's just focus on the fact that I'm back! WOOT!

Today I'm posting about a company that every teacher knows and loves - Oriental Trading!!

Did you know you can create a Teacher Wishlist page? Well, YOU CAN!
Here's what you do:
1) Log onto Oriental Trading (or create an account if you don't already have a log-in)
2) Go to the Teacher Supply Page
2) Go shopping!! Instead of "Adding to Cart" you'll "Add to Wishlist" (as shown below)

What should you do once you've made your fantastic Wishlist? Share it, of course! 
Share it with your student's parents and guardians!
Share it on your blog! 
Share it with your family and friends! 
Share it with your co-workers and principal! 
Share it with everyone!! 

My wish list is stocked full of Oriental Trading fabulousness... 
Let me tell you about my most FAVORITE items I've already gotten. 

These are nothing short of fantastic. My school is doing a big push for vocabulary, and my kiddos are more than happy to get their antonym and synonym on when they use these magnetic sheets!

The second thing I love-love is Learning Ninja Award Medals!!
When a student does something extra fantastic, they get to wear a Learning Ninja Medal around their neck for the day! Of course I hum a little tune while I place it on their head - I like to make a big to-do out of it! You should see their adorable smiling faces when they get "medaled"!! 

Some of the other goodies I put on my wish list are:

Whatever you need for your classroom, OT has it! Bulletin board supplies, classroom management supplies, toys for treasure box, task cards, books... I could go on and on! 

I hope I've convinced you to start up a wishlist! Oriental Trading is SO affordable (another reason I love OT!), so go load up your wishlist and share it with all your peeps!! 

Disclosure: I was provided products from Oriental Trading for review purposes, but all opinions are mine! :)