Sunday, July 7, 2013

Donors Choose

Have you checked out It is an amazing website that allows teachers to create projects for their classrooms, list needed supplies, then publish it. Donors come along and read about your project then can choose to donate... The end result is you get amazing things for your students!!

The site requires you to write thank yous and send pictures to your donors - something I would do anyway to tell these people how AWESOME they are! Please take a moment to check out my project, other people's project, make a donation or create your own!

Engage, Inspire, Teach and Wiggle

Know a kiddo who has trouble staying still? I have several in my class every year- and I do everything I can to make sure they are able to learn while they answer their bodies need for movement!

In the past, I've used balance balls (kids end up thinking they're a toy), gum (you give one kiddo gum, you've got to give all of them gum!) and hand held squeeze balls (they get picked at and torn)... This summer I've done some research and found "wiggle seats". They're balance pads that fit in the seat of a chair and are a "powerful organizer for assisting with focus and concentration". Kids can wiggle and listen at the same time!!

PLEASE help me raise money to afford these for my classroom! I've created a project on, and right now, Donors Choose will match your donations DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR! Just enter the word INSPIRE as you check out. This offer is good until July 13th! 

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