Friday, April 18, 2014


The STAAR Math and Reading test are next week...
Tuesday the 22nd my babies (students) will show everything they know and ROCK that test...

In preparation, we reviewed skills and strategies this week. On Monday, we did a rotating review. There were 1-3 questions at each desk (depending on difficulty) and students rotated around answering each.  My kiddos ROCKED OUT and answered over 40 questions withing a 1 hour and 45 minute time period... And it was so fun they didn't even REALIZE or COMPLAIN! Teacher win!!

On Tuesday, I told my kids I wanted to give them a present for their hard work... iPADS! Of course they were stoked, until I handed them out PAPER instead of an ELECTRONIC.... There was laughing/ "Awwww man"s and "you tricked us", but once they saw they were making their OWN iPads they started to dig the activity. I picked out 20 KEY math strategies that I thought the kiddos needed to review OR strategies that applied to a large majority of the test. We looked at the breakdown of Readiness/ Supporting standards (TEXAS STAAR) and how many questions they would probably have on each skill (my awesome math partner made the breakdown - love her).

Reviewing these standards and practicing our strategies accomplished SO many things:
- I was able to check that my kids had their strategies down
- The kids saw how many questions came from each skill
- The kids were able to see that the test is NOT that scary
- They had an awesome reference we used all week

I even had the kids help make a large iUseStrategies board display so while the the kids were refering to their iPads, I could refer to mine.

Basically, the iUseStrategies iPad ROCKED my classroom. And I want it to do the same for yours. So I've made it a freebie in my TPT store! GO GET YOURS NOW!


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