Sunday, April 13, 2014


I've think I've said it before but... I LOVE TEACHING GEOMETRY. Do you? I think it's so visual and can be so hands on. I really dig it. I try to excite my kids about it too, because you know what I don't love? 10TH GRADE Geometry... I remember it like it was yesterday... However, the only thing I remember about it is that it was awful and I sat by my best friend. That's how I survivedPlease don't ask what I learned...

I'm positive the reason I love teaching math so much is because I struggled in math. I want to make things FUN for my kids, help them LEARN and LOVE math. Not hate it like I do... I mean DID! :)

Back to Geometry.

I've put together all the fantastic activities I do in my classroom to teach Transformations to my students into one pack.

The pack includes note taking with hands-on examples, a hands-on activity using FOOD (yum), a song to get your kids up and moving, AND a game! They will be TRANSORMATION experts when you're done with this pack!! 

Want a copy? Just click this link ---> KATIE TEXAS <--- to be taken to my Teachers-Pay-Teachers store! 

**WANT A FREE COPY??? (You know you do!!) Here's how you can get one: 
- Pin this activity pack to pinterest (put the link in the comments below)
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- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE blog about this pack and include a link to my blog and pack! (If you do this one, I'll throw in my MATH JOURNALS BASIC-SET up for free as well! YAY!)

Here are two more FREEBIES in my TPT store that you can get with no-strings attached :)

These Classroom Schedule Headers are FREE for you to enjoy!! I've made a set for Early Childhood-Elementary (that includes pictures) and a set for Secondary-Highschool (that includes subject headers and 1st-10th period). Both sets comes have clocks on each header so you can let students know what and when things are happening. ENJOY!  

Happy Teaching!


  1. You are a better gal than me. I truly hated geometry. It hated me too! Here's my pin I don't have a blog. I follow your TPT store and your blog

  2. I am new to 4th grade math, so this is perfect! (I'm also in Texas!) I don't have a blog, but if I did, I would post it! Here is the link back to my Pinterest board
    Thanks for sharing!