Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Classroom :)

It has been WEEKS since I've updated, but I know my fellow teachers understand... The start of school is EX-HAUST-ING. But I survived and am back to share pictures of my classroom!

Here's my lovely desk area that I barely get to use... The arrow is pointing to my super secret copy machine (don't want the whole school to come use it) that my wonderful in-laws got for me!! My mother-in-law is a 20 year veteran teacher, but it was my father-in-law (who's married to a 20 year veteran teacher) who thought of this wonderful gift! LOVE THEM BOTH!

I LOVE my library area, and so do my kiddos. My husband made me that GORGEOUS tree last year and it's held up well. He's so talented! Right next to library are my Boggle & Noggle centers. If you're wondering what Noggle is, just click HERE! These are new activities this year and my students are LOVING them. They constantly ask to play them.


The colorful stuff on the left side of this pictures is my "Math Workshop" board. This year for math I'm mixing whole group instruction with targeted math rotations. My kids will have "teacher time" (one-on-one instruction), "math facts", "at your desk" (worksheet for the day) and "hands on" which will be reinforcing our topic with games/ manipulatives.  My Math Workshop is inspired by The Clutter Free Classroom (rockin' blog!). I'm also dedicating an entire bulletin board to math vocabulary that will correspond to whatever skill I'm teaching. No more missing questions because of a lack of math vocab! 

This is a whole classroom pic - what you can't see (which is to the left) is my small group area (just picture a rainbow table with little chairs and you'll get the idea). Way off in the distance you can see little cards which is my MATH ALPHABET! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! It's a FREE download from Bridget at Lovely Little Leaders. I would have paid major dinero for it though! It's so stinkin' cute and gives my kids MORE MATH VOCAB! YAY!

And last but not least, my handsome boys & me on the first day of school!! My sweet angels are in 7th and 4th grade this year... They're growing up SO FAST! I love first day of school pics and I LOVE MY BOYS!!


  1. I LOVE the carpet in your library area. Where did you find it?

    Kandi M.

    1. Thanks! I purchased it last summer from Target! :)