Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Day of Summer Vacation & Classroom Managers

On June 1st, I changed my ringtone to Alice Cooper's "School's Out". You know the song: "Schoooooool's out for summer! Schoooooool's out for ever!" I guess today's the last day I can rock it! MY GOODNESS, summer flew by....

Anyway, a few "Monday Made-It"s ago, I posted about my classroom manager positions (check the original post out HERE). I've had a lot of comments about what manager positions I have, how they're made, and how I manage my managers, so this post is dedicated to that.

My "Classroom Managers" idea came from the Consistency Management and Cooperative Discipline (CMCD) inservice I attended as a student at the University of Houston (GO COOGS!). The gist of the idea is every student is given a responsibility in the classroom which turns the classroom into a community we ALL are responsible for and take care of. Notice I said EVERY student... I had 25 students last year and EVERY ONE had a position!

Manager positions should be relevant and switched out on a regular basis (I switch mine each month, but do what works for your class). I had my students interview for the positions (download my manager application HERE for free!), choosing their top 3 positions, why they would be a responsible and effective manager, and listing any special skills they have.

My students last year LOVED interviewing and took their positions very seriously. Plus, it's fun to be a MANAGER of something, rather than just expected to perform a "job".

Here's a list of manager positions I used last year:
Daily Jobs
   - Attendance Manager
   - Equipment Manager (brings out & takes in recess equipment)
   - Plant Manager (waters classroom plants)
   - Turtle Manager (feeds turtle)
   - Ticket Manager (we have a brain teaser at the end of the day where students earn reward tickets; this
   students collects all earned tickets into a bucket I draw from each week)
   - Computer Manager (turns on/ off computers daily)
   - Door & Light Manager
   - Pencil Sharpener Manager (I ONLY let one student sharpen pencils... Can't stand the sharpener
   noise! They enter the classroom early each morn to do their job)
   - Board Manager (erases board daily)
   - Restroom Mangager (one boy & one girl: makes sure students are quiet & neat during group
   restroom breaks)
   - Neatness Manager: Floor (checks floor at end of day/ asks students to clean any messes)
   - Weather Manager (records temp & announces temp to class)
As Needed Jobs
   - Supply Manager (makes sure hand sanitizer & kleenex stay stocked)
   - Handout Manager (helps me pass out papers)
   - Out of the Classroom Manager (takes messages to office, etc.)
   - Homework Manager (collects homework)
   - Substitute Manager (go to person when there's a sub)
   - Absent Manager (collects work for absent students)
   - Coffee Manager (this is a LEGIT position in my classroom, and one the kid's all want. Basically,
   they bring me my coffee & help me clean up any spills... which happen daily)
Weekly Jobs
   - Word of the Week Manager (changes out Word of the Week chart)
   - Library Manager (my students check out their books by signing them out on a chart. The library
   manager follows up with all check outs on a weekly basis)

New manager positions added for this year:
As Needed Jobs
    - Detective Manager (Helps Mrs. J find things she looses in classroom. I'm hoping this prevents the
   entire class from hoping out of their seat when I lose handouts or my keys...)
   - Paper & Centers Copy Manager (let's me know when we're running low on centers copies /
   notebook paper
Weekly Jobs
   - Boggle & Noggle Manager (Changes out Boggle and Noggle boards each week)

I like to make sure my students know how often they'll be needed for their positions, so I'm sure to label each position as a daily, weekly, or as needed.

I make up business card sized labels (I use Avery 8879; 10 cards to a page) with the job title and description, print & punch them out (no cutting! woot!) and glue them to library card pockets (you can also laminate for durability). I then put student names on popsicle sticks and stick them into their job pocket. Easy to make and easy to switch out as positions change.

I hope you find this info helpful! I CANNOT STRESS how much this system has worked for me... If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. I also have a classroom job for all students. I have them fill out applications as well. We discuss how important it is for the applications to be neat and complete. Definitely a way to prepare them for the real world. It is very important that students have ownership of the room. It also makes my life a lot easier because they take responsibility and I don't have to worry about everything. I also love that they hold each other responsible for completing their jobs.

  2. Super idea! I love this.