Friday, June 15, 2012

Writing Toolbox

After thinking about all the writing information I need to cram into my student's brains next year, I decided it would be helpful for them to create a handy dandy reference notebook...  I narrowed down the most important/ helpful information we used this past year and created a WRITER's TOOLBOX! I wanted it to look like a real toolbox (aren't they red?) and I'm trying to come up with ways to keep it shut-- Any ideas? I think I may add a handle or something...

Check out what's inside!

The top flap is everything you need to know to write a personal narrative and the bottom is the info for writing an Expository. In the middle I have the "Texas Writing Traits" (we use Write Source at our school) and a Revising & Editing checklist. I'm soooo excited about this little guy-- I'll have my students create it during the first week of school after we brainstorm "Why Writer's Write!"

Until next time!! 

EDIT: I decided to make this available on my Teacher Pay Teachers store! Check it out HERE

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