Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dollar Stores ROCK + Freebie!

Every teacher I've ever met loves a good dollar store. I am no exception!
At my favorite one dolla' hot spot there's an ENTIRE ISLE full of teaching goodies! Check out all I scored today ---------------->

Flashcards, pencil boxes (check out what I'm using those for below), play checkbooks, bulletin board accents, POLICE BADGES (stay tuned for how I'm going to use these... an idea is brewing!), coupons, and lots and lots of little trophies. I'm incorporating a TON of positive reward systems in my classroom next year and my idea for the trophies is to have the students display them on their desks as they're earned. I bought some that say "Way to Go", a lot that say "Star Student" which I'll use for my Student of the Week (scroll down for a Student of the Week Freebie!), and a couple packs of blank trophies so I can write in a specific praises! So excited!

Back to the pencil boxes-- My last post was about my newfound love for Modge Podge. I used that sweet goo to make .....(drum roll)... MORE LETTER TILES! Except these are LETTER CIRCLES! And they're soooo PRETTY! Don't you agree?
The letter circles fit so nicely into my slide-in&out-and-snap-close pencil box. Added bouns: they match perfectly! Yet another added bonus: total cost was $2.50! Woohoo!

Now I have to find pink stones for my pink pencil box.....

I promised a Freebie so here it is -
Just click the pic and it will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 

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