Monday, June 11, 2012

Modge Podge... Swoon!

Modge Podge. Ohmigosh HOW have I not ever used this amazing goo for crafts?! 

Wait--- Story first, Modge Podge craft second. 

STORY: Last school year I was self-contained... I taught every subject as well as prepared my 4th graders for THREE state tests: Reading, Writing and Math. Come August I'll be teaming (YAY) so I'll be teaching Math (woohoo!), Science and Writing (EEK!). Why the EEK? Well, this year I really enjoyed teaching math and creating awesome lessons & centers... I did not do that / feel that for writing.  However, I WILL remedy that for the upcoming year so this summer I'm brainstorming, reading and creating TONS of word work. And word work needs letters!

CRAFT: Check out these little letter tile beauts I made over the weekend...

Found at Michaels Store
- Alphabet Stickers (6 sheets!) $2.99
- Glass Tiles (on sale) $2.49

Found at Target (Dollar Bin) 
- "Cash Box"$1.00

I had enough stickers to put letters on each side of the glass tile. Woot! Then I Modge Podge'd those babies on (I am SOSOSO impressed that it dries clear and now my little angles won't be able to pick off those enticing stickers!), put them in my "cash box" (looks more like a pencil box?) and voila! Pretty letters for word work! 

The activity possibilities for these letter tiles are endless.... high frequency words, vocabulary words, weekly spelling words, ___(add your word activity here)____....

Word Work Inspiration?? This Lady

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  1. I am totally adding this to my to do list....I am going on a mini vacay tomorrow and now, can't wait to get back to make

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