Sunday, November 12, 2017


I love Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons - the colors are so warm and comforting, the food is PHENOM (candy on Halloween and home cookin' on Thanksgiving? YES PLEASE), and hellooooo everything pumpkin spice!! This year I've added even ANOTHER reason to love this season, my newest little pumpkin Mackenzie Jo! She was born 10-4 and I am sooooo in love.

Teachers love Thanksgiving too, because it's a time to TAKE A BREAK & REFRESH. I feel like the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Break are some of the most exhausting. Our district takes the entire week off, but in the past it hasn't been that way. I LOVE HAVING THE ENTIRE WEEK. So do the teachers in my district because we vote for it every year! Lol.

I love to incorporate holiday themed lessons into my teaching, but I don't want it to be fluff work. I want fun and meaningful lessons and activities that keeps students engaged but allows them to have fun! That's why I created "What's On the Menu".

With this activity, students plan a Thanksgiving meal by looking at a store ad. Students pick out the foods to be served & calculate costs of multiple servings. They can also create an invite to Thanksgiving Dinner & draw what will be served on a plate. It's SO much fun and my students LOVE IT! They don't even realize they're adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals and using real world problem solving skills! They're just focused on FOOD!

We always seem to be working on fractions during Thanksgiving time, so I've created a couple fraction activities too - Pumpkin Pie Fractions & Thanksgiving Fractions

If you're looking for a reading activity, I've made a Thanksgiving themed edition of Morning Message. It's a week long review of essential reading skills - Monday focuses on Main Idea, Tuesday is Character Traits, Wednesday is Theme, Thursday is Inferences and Friday is word meaning. 

I hope you'll try out one of these activities! I LOVE FEEDBACK and I would love to see pictures of your students using these sets in action. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, friends! 

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