Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Add some COLOR to your math instruction!

Y'all. Do you own a set of LEWO Stacking Blocks yet?? Well YOU SHOULD!

I love having old games & game boards around the classroom - you can always pair them with some task cards and create an instantly awesome station/ center.

So when I saw the LEWO Rainbow Stacking Blocks, I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM. I had been meaning to paint a few old Jenga games I had collected and pair them with some task cards BUT could never find the time... Then I saw LEWO had done the messy work for me!

I wanted a math review game to go along with these blocks, so I created a multi-skill task card set that coordinates with the block colors. The cards cover addition and subtraction (red), multiplication and division (pink), word problems (yellow), decimals and fractions (green), measurement (blue) and geometry (purple). Check it out here ---> Rainbow Block Game Math Review

The set includes a color option (prints two sided task cards) OR a color saver option. I went with the color saver option and printed on card stock that matches all the blocks! I cannot WAIT to let my kiddos get a hold of this. I have a feeling I'll be needing more than one LEWO game!!

Below are links to the game AND the card stock colors I used. I'm not affiliated with LEWO or Astrobright, I'm just a fan of both! Haha!


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