Sunday, June 28, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: WEEK TWO

Here are some things I love:
- Teaching
- Week Two's Challenge: Dare to Dream!

Before my Dad passed away last August, he told me, "Katie, God will continue to give you good ideas. So share them". I love that TPT has given me a platform to share the things I make for & and use in my classroom, and I'm constantly encouraged and inspired by the amazing teachers on TPT. TPT is a huge blessing.

God has blessed my TPT store. I've needed a new car for a while. I knew it wouldn't be possible unless I had some extra income. My TPT was doing well, but it needed to do better in order for me to afford a monthly payment. I put it in God's hands and BOOM, my TPT has hit, or exceeded, the number I asked God for. I've learned (and experienced) DON'T PUT A LIMIT ON GOD. He wants to bless you and take you to places you can't even dream of. THANK YOU GOD FOR MY BLESSINGS! And to quote my Dad again, "The Lord keeps blessing me and I say, 'Thank you and send me more', AND HE DOES!" True words, daddy. Miss you every day!

I am SO thankful I was able to purchase my DREAM CAR - a new to me (used) GMC Yukon - thanks to my monthly TPT income. Y'all, I love my Yukon so much. So, so, so much. I talk to her. She has a name. No trash is allowed in her. I constantly wash the exterior. IT HAS RIMS. I love herrrrrrrr!!! BUT.... I need to pay her off ASAP. I have a 15 year old son who is going to drive. SOON. We have the car part taken care of thanks to his dad BUT what I didn't account for is INSURANCE. YIKES! I'd love to get my car payment over with so I can focus on his insurance!! EEK!

I looooooove to vacation. I mean, who doesn't?? I would love to be able to plan and pay for a big vacation each summer for my family without cringing because we're taking out of savings. That would be such a blessing and SO MUCH FUN! 

What's are your dreams?? The sky is the limit!! 

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  1. Don't you just love when God surprises us by giving more than we asked! He is so good! By the way, your blog design is so cute!!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. So excited to see God's blessings. I feel the same way about giving to him and he will give back to you.


  3. I love the dreams that you posted. What a wonderful person you are. I too am constantly amazed with how much God knows us individually, and how much we are blessed by him if we take a minute to open our eyes. I used to teach 4th grade years ago and loved it. Next year I am going to be teaching 3rd grade for the first time part time. Gorgeous blog.