Saturday, April 25, 2015

Product Swap with the FABULOUS Funky in Fourth

I LOVE being a TPT seller and buyer. I love sharing the products that I use in my own classroom and I don't think I EVER plan a lesson without seeing what my colleagues have to offer on TPT!

I didn't think there could be anything that could make TPT even more rockin' until I came across Melissa of Jungle Learners idea for a TPT seller product SWAP! GENIUS!

Melissa partnered me up Cassy over at Funky in Fourth for this product swap -- I follow Cassy on Instagram and her products are awesome. I couldn't wait to go shopping!!

After agonizing over which product to choose, I finally settled on this fantastic Layers of the Earth Unit (I'm uhhh... a bit behind on science lessons in my classroom... state testing had us kinda busy... don't judge!). 

This unit is packed full of goodies!!

- 5 different lessons (Layers of the Earth, Classification of Rocks, Rapid and Slow Land Changes and the Rock Cycle)
- 2 labs
- quizzes
- vocabulary cards
- 20 review cards 

We started with Layers of the Earth - my kids ate it up! Even after two days of brain-frying state testing! They were so excited to do something other than a math worksheet! 

I used the vocabulary cards to make a vocabulary flip book for each kid. I plan to have them add more pages to the book as we go through each lesson! 

I cannot WAIT to move onto all the other goodies in this unit. So. Much. Fun. Learning.   

Want to win this pack for free?? 

I get to give you a copy for FREE (for personal use in your classroom and your classroom only, of course!!), all you have to do is go follow Cassy on some of her social media outlets! SHE ROCKS, so GO DO IT!!

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Since this was a product SWAP, Cassy decided to choose my Rockin' Number Line set. Check out her post here and enter to win it for FREE!! 

There are tons of other swaps and giveaways happening... GO GET IN ON IT! Just click the links below! 



  1. This pack looks amazing, thank you for sharing Katie! I hope you've had fun with the swap, thanks for participating! :)

    Jungle Learners

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