Monday, March 23, 2015

Body Angles

If you're a 4th grade Texas teacher, you know that protractors and measuring angles are part of our new TEKS (the equivalent of the CCSS). A lot of the changes in TEKS  have given me a headache... but I actually REALLY enjoyed teaching my students how to measure angles!

I attended CAMT (Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics) last year in Dallas and was lucky enough to sit in on a presentation from some AWESOME teachers with some great ideas for introducing angles. I'm trying to find their names, because this activity was inspired by them!! 

After introducing my students to protractors and how to read them (SHOUT OUT TO GEOSTIX! pictured above), we started a fun project called "Bendy Bones".
- First up: brainstorming angles we see in real life.
- Next: brainstorming angles we can make with our joints.
- After that, students chose 4 joints to create an angle (elbow, knee, neck, etc)

- Then, student pairs took turns making an angle with their joint while the other created the angle with a pipe cleaner and estimating what they thought the angle measurement would be

- Finally, students put the pipe cleaner onto a protractor, measured the angle, and classified the angle as obtuse, acute, or right

My students LOVED this activity! I literally had to PROMISE we would do it again. I love when students LOVE LEARNING!!

I want YOUR students to enjoy this activity, too! So click the pic to be taken to the link and download it!!


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  1. This is such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing; I'm excited to use this as a review activity before testing!

    -Rhiannon Sniffin
    Sniffin' Around in Education