Sunday, September 8, 2013

Catch Up and a SALE

So I've survived the first two weeks of school! Yay! My sweet students are already into the groove of things which is AWESOME. I'm so happy to already have routines set up and running well. We were  doing work by Day 2!

Here's a look at my finished classroom (before students!). I'm not working with as much space as I had the previous two years, but I think everything fit quite well.

Thank God for contact paper! I had an orange set of cabinets, a set of brown laminate, and a set of yellow.... UM, NO. So I bought a ton of black contact paper, covered them, and finished it off with my favorite rainbow leopard border. WOOT.

These awesome measurement cards are from LoneStar Learning. LOVE THEM!!!

 Here's my soon-to-be-fabulous math word wall! Math vocab cards by Blair Turner - get them HERE

The only area I had trouble finding room for was my library... It kinda sticks out but oh well-- It bothers me but not the kiddos! 

Here are the first day of school gifts for my class and team! 

I've posted some new goodies in my TPT store and guess what... EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! The sale starts tomorrow, Sept. 9, and will run until Sept. 12. 15% off everything!! 

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